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Game Improvement

Peak Performance Golf School

Walter Messer III, Golf Professional, Scepter Golf Club

Walter specializes in feel and self-correction utilizing a unique approach to that will get you results and teach you how to feel a more consistent golf swing for more consistent results.

Walter has been using his special approach to teach golf for eight years, and continues to see dramatic improvement in all of his golfers time and time again.

  • Learn the secret to ball-striking and hitting the ball first, and the ground second
  • Gain more consistency throughout your golf game with unique and powerful drills
  • A simple approach to golf that allows your body to learn without overthinking or worrying
  • From chipping, short game and irons to driving, putting, green-reading and bunkers

Walter offers a variety of clinics, lessons and programs to suit any golfer their hectic schedules.  


Walter Messer III

813-634-4393 or 386-937-6219

Greg Coffin, Director of Instruction, Peak Performance Golf School

Peak Performance Golf School

Greg is a PGA of America Master Professional in Instruction, K-Vest Certified Instructor and Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Coach and Junior Coach. Greg has more than 17 years of experience as a golf instructor.

The Peak Performance Golf School provides:

  • Complete game instruction that caters to your individual needs
  • Advice in all aspects including swing techniques, short-game instruction, shot-making
  • Continues to monitor your progress with our online game tracker
  • Includes video analysis, take-home lesson reviews, customized fitness plans, learning center

We are located at ClubLink's Sun City Center in Florida and reservations are offered throughout the fall, winter and spring.


Greg Coffin

813-714-9117 or 863-514-0711

1226 Newpoint Loop
Sun City Center, FL, 33573, USA
T 813-634-4393
1226 Newpoint Loop Sun City Center, FL, 33573, USA T 813-634-4393